Heatmap & Session Recording

Discover how your users move the mouse, where they click and how far they scroll to understand why your visitors leave.
Coming soon!

Search Monitor

Some custom reports which are related with search performance for MyThoughtWorks.

Marketing Campaigns Reporting

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. New reports, segments & track up to five channels: campaign, source, medium, keyword, content.

Search Engine Keywords Performance

All keywords searched by your users on search engines are now visible into your Referrers reports! The ultimate solution to 'Keyword not defined'.

Form Analytics

Increase the conversions on your online forms by learning everything about your users behavior and their pain points on your forms.

Js Tracker Force Async

Forces the JavaScript Tracker to always load asynchronous when embedding the Tracking Code via HTTP API automatically in your website.

Force SSL

Automatically redirect all http requests to https. For security reasons it is recommended to always use Piwik Analytics over https (SSL).

Ajax Opt Out

Supports Opt Out from tracking through Ajax-Request. On your own Website you can implement a custom HTML, CSS and JS implementation to realize custom-

Disable Tracking

Provides the ability to disable tracking for piwik sites. So you dont grow in data but keep old data for later reporting.

Roll-Up Reporting

Aggregate data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into a Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.

Site Url Tracking ID

Enables to use any of the site URLs of a website as the tracking ID in addition to the numeric site ID.

Users Flow

Users Flow is a visual representation of the most popular paths your users take through your website or app.

White Label

Give your clients access to their analytics reports where all Piwik-branded widgets are removed.


Identify and understand where your visitors drop off to increase your conversions, sales and revenue with your existing traffic.

Kafka Push

Pushes Raw Data to Kafka using RdKafka Libray for further processing.

Restrict Language Selection

Allows you to modify the list of available languages in language selector.

A/B Testing

Increase revenue and conversions by comparing different versions of your websites or apps & detect the winning variation that will grow your business!

Media Analytics

Grow your business with advanced video & audio analytics. Get powerful insights into how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio.

Activity Log

Gives you a detailed audit log of user activities happening in your Piwik Analytics for better security and problem diagnostic.

Login Shibboleth

Shibboleth Login Plugin for Piwik

Ice Cast Statistics

Live Plugin to show various informations about your IceCast Server

Geo IP 2

MaxMind GeoIP2 Location Provider

Exposure Research Tools

Download unique visits as CSV, and support for merging data with pre-/post surveys for selective exposure research (see Plugin Website for details).

Protect Track ID

Provides a option to protect idSite using hash instead default numeric


Integrate additional data like costs from advertising platforms like AdWords, Bing, Criteo, Facebook and Taboola into Piwik.

Max Concurrent

Reports maximum concurrent visitors in a time interval

Page Colours

Allows custom icons and colours for pages in the real-time visitor log.

Snoopy Behavioral Scoring

User behaviour scoring plugin for piwik. It allows you to score your visitors depending on goals reached, pages visited, email campaigns opened and ot

Free Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging Plugin: Free Mobile support

Custom Dimensions

Extend Piwik to your needs by defining and tracking Custom Dimensions in scope Action or Visit

Shortcode Tracker

Plugin allowing user to create shortcodes and track their usage within Piwik. Also integrates with UI to deliver user-friendly interaction.

Platforms Report

New report in Visitors > Platforms that aggregates visits based on device type, OS version & browser version.

Anonymous Piwik Usage Measurement

Help improve your Piwik experience by sending anonymized usage data to the creators of Piwik, to your own Piwik instance or to any other Piwik

Log Viewer

View log messages logged by Piwik

Google Authenticator

Adds Google Authenticator Two Factor Auth to Piwik

Server Monitor

Use Piwik as a front-end application to the Munin server monitoring tool. This is a Piwik plugin that reads the raw RRD data files from your Munin mas

Click Heat

ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page. This plugin based on Dugwood's ClickHeat version 1.14. Plugin not consider IIS. Sorry.

Tracking Code Customizer

Allows Piwik admininstrators to customize the tracking code that is autogenerated for users. This is useful for directing requests to the correct serv

Admin Notification

Adds the ability for Piwik administrators to include an informative message to all user's dashboards. This uses the built in Notification function.

Performance Info

Piwik plugin to check if the settings are good for security/performance

Grab Gravatar

Adds a profile photo from Gravatar based on the email address stored in the User Id field.

Login Revokable

An Authentication plugin that allows a user to log into multiple locations, however remotely logs out of all locations when any of the locations log o


Monitor Bandwidth for each page, download, and measure overall traffic in bytes

Exclude By DDNS

This plugin allows you to dynamically exclude a IP using DDNS update

IP 2 Hostname

Piwik plugin to get the hostname from the visitor IP

Queued Tracking

Scale your large traffic Piwik service by queuing tracking requests in Redis for better performance.

Flag Counter

This plugin allows you to include a simple statistic in your website showing the flags and hits of the countries your visitors came from

Api Get With Sites Info

Modifies the 'API.get' output to also list the website name and main website URL

Simple Page Builder

Lets you add a custom page to Piwik. The page will be visible to all users in the top menu.

Site Migration

Migrate your website and all website data between two Piwik installations.

Website Groups

Assign websites to groups in your 'All Websites' dashboard. Useful to get a view by client or category.

Visitor Avatar

Custom display visitors avatar(URL) and description(Title & Alt)

Top Pages By Actions

Live widget that displays the top pages by actions in a 20 minute timespan. Auto-refresh interval can be configured.

Uptime Robot Monitor

Plugin for displaying UptimeRobot data in Piwik

Custom Tracker Js

Lets Super Users and other plugins customise the piwik.js tracker file.

Advanced Campaign Reporting

Track up to five Campaigns parameter (campaign, source, medium, keyword, content). Lets you also segment users by any campaign dimension, and provides

Simple Sys Mon

Simple System Monitor for visualizing system data like cpu load, memory use or network traffic

Inter Sites

Analyze how many visitors navigate between your websites.


Activate or deactivate DEBUG tracking mode with a simple click.

Performance Monitor

Displays the performance index of a site as a widget and adds an performance overview page to the top navigation. The index is calculated by the numbe

Ldap Visitor Info

Piwik plugin to get visitor details (thumbnail, description) from LDAP

Ldap Connection

Plugin to make a LDAP connection, which can be used by various LDAP plugins


Tested on 2.16.2. Adds to Piwik the ability to engage people on your website through Chat and automatic Push Messages.

Intranet Geo IP

Piwik plugin to locate all locale data of a user based on the IP address/subnetwork (country, region, city, latitude, longitude, provider, ...)

Rer User Dates

Hide custom date range selection from calendar, avoid users to set ranges in their default profile

IP 2 Location

Use IP2Location geolocation database to lookup for accurate visitor location in Piwik.

cache Buster

Clears all temporary cache files

Bot Tracker

Detection of bots & spiders and count their visits without tracking them in the visitor-log.

Login Http Auth

Sign in Piwik using HTTP Auth protocol instead of the standard Login mechanism.

Referrers Manager

Allows to view and manage the search engines and social networks that Piwik is able to detect.


Display Hits/Visits on image. Display Hits/Visits/from Countries stats as text via ajax requests.

Tasks Timetable

List all maintenance tasks that are scheduled to run. Displays the task names and next execution time in a table.

Custom Alerts

Create custom Alerts to be notified of important changes on your website or app!

Login Ldap

LDAP authentication and synchronization for Piwik.

Custom Opt Out

Create your own opt-out iframe css styles

Report Publisher

Publish Piwik reports to external systems using various protocols. Please consult the changelog for available protocols.

Feed Press

Displays your FeedPress feed analytics.

Visitor Generator

Developer tool that lets you generate fake visits. Useful if you are working with plugins or themes or if you use the Piwik API.

Security Info

Provides security information about your PHP environment and offers suggestions based on PhpSecInfo from the PHP Security Consortium.

IPv6 Usage

Piwik Plugin to track whether visitors are using IPv4 or IPv6

Treemap Visualization

Visualise any report in Piwik as a Treemap. Click on the Treemap icon in each report to load the visualisation.

Live Tab

Keep an eye on the number of live visitors in the browser tab. It displays the number of visitors in the last 30 minutes in the browser tab.


Live Plugin that shows the current number of visitors on the page.

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