Track up to five Campaigns parameters (name, source, medium, keyword, content), and access Campaign Analytics reports.

Measuring campaigns

The default Campaign parameters are called: pk_campaign, pk_source, pk_medium, pk_keyword, pk_content and pk_cid.

If you already have URLs tagged with Google Analytics parameters these are supported: utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content and utm_id

An example landing page URL is:



  • Real time Analytics Reports of all your Campaign Marketing
  • Detects Campaign parameters from the landing page URL, within the query string or in the #hash string
  • The Referrers>Overview report displays a left column "Referrers Overview" with a list of reports that can be loaded on click. This report viewer now also lists the new Campaign reports under "View Referrers by Campaign".
  • The content of Referrers> Campaign will be replaced with the new enhanced Campaigns reports.
  • The default Referrers Campaign widget and API are working as before.
  • The campaign reports are available in Piwik Mobile and can be sent as Scheduled reports (by email, as HTML or PDF)
  • Segment editor: a new "Campaigns" category lists the five new segment for each campaign dimension
  • The new Campaign reports can be added as widgets in your personalized Dashboard
  • Access the Campaign Report data by the API
  • Comes with automated tests to ensure the Plugin works as expected
  • Will track up to 250 characters for each of the five Campaign dimension


In the Campaign reports by default Piwik will only archive the first 1000 rows. If you track many campaigns you can configure Piwik so it does not truncate your data. To have data truncated after 10,000 rows, edit your config/config.ini.php and add the following:

datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_referrers = 10000
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referrers = 10000

Ideas for improvement

  • To improve data acquisition accuracy, we could extend the piwik.js class to store in first party cookies the five campaign dimensions. This would increase the accuracy of Goal conversions and Ecommerce conversions attributions for these conversions made at least one day after the first visit with a campaign set. #10
  • Add friendly Tracking API parameters to collect campaign dimensions. campaignName cn, campaignSource cs, campaignMedium cm, campaignContent cc, campaignId ci.

This plugin is compatible with Piwik 2 (see requirements below for more details).

  • Marketing-Campaign-Analytics-report

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