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Hi, this is Tom from InnoCraft. The company of the makers of Piwik Analytics which is used by over 1 million websites and apps in over 150 countries.

usersFlow.pngDo you know how your visitors navigate through your website or app? Well, we thought we did, but it turned out we didn't until we actually were able to visualize those paths over several steps in an easy to understand graph. We were really surprised by some paths our users took every day. We discovered new popular pages where we totally under-estimated the importance of them, we found that many users actually had a problem on our home page so they had to reload it and we improved some popular paths we didn't expect users were going. Now these paths are much more straight-forward for our users.

The Users Flow visualization is a representation of the most popular paths your users took through your website or app. In a glance you see how your users navigate through your website over several steps, where they exit and it lets you dig into this data by exploring all traffic that went through a certain page and more. Users Flow also provides some additional reports to get the information you need even quicker, for example with the Top Paths report showing you all the most popular paths in a simple to read table.

Multiplying the value of Users Flow with segments We looked very carefully into how different kind of visitors use our websites, especially visitors that enter our website for the first time. When you send traffic to your website, you need to know the first page your potential customers will hit, and the second page they hit and where they exit. This allowed us, and it will allow you as well, to engineer the process that each potential customer or visitor goes through and optimize it to improve your conversion rates and revenue. Being able to filter the Users Flow reports to a particular user segment is so valuable for us (for example filtering by the visitors that converted a specific goal) and we are still fascinated how the flow evolves when we make changes to our website based on the Users Flow reports.

Strong foundation Our Users Flow is built on top of Piwik which means you get all those benefits and features from Piwik on top. Like data ownership, no data limits, being able to host it yourself on premise and use it in the intranet etc. That’s why Piwik is so popular among businesses, corporations and governments. Piwik is used and trusted by over a million websites and apps.

Our promise Our promise to youHand-crafted by the makers of Piwik with top quality we are convinced you will be surprised once you start using it which is why we give you a 100% money back guarantee for 14 days. So try it now and let us know how you do. We are happy to help you get started and are looking forward to hear about your discovered surprises.

Important: This feature requires Piwik 3

About InnoCraft

We at InnoCraft are the creators of Piwik and know it better than anyone else. This means all plugins are perfectly integrated into Piwik and come with outstanding features and quality to grow your business. We help our clients get started, configure, monitor and make the most of their Piwik analytics service. We also offer unique analytics products and services that help grow your business and meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses alike.


  • Understand a customers path to conversion or purchase.
  • Apply segments to see for example the paths your users took when they converted a goal, or when they didn't. See how users navigate through your website for different referrers and more.
  • See if your call to actions work and whether users are actually following the path you had in mind. You may discover users are taking different paths which can indicate that visitors are not finding what they want.
  • Investigate whether a redesigned page might confuse your visitors or changes the path your visitors take.
  • Discover high drop-offs on pages.
  • Find bugs on your website by exploring unexpected high exits and unexpected paths.


  • Displays visitor engagement and lets you find out after how many pages your users exited your site
  • Shows navigation paths for up to 10 interaction steps and more steps can be added optionally
  • For each interaction step, get insights into over 100 pages and for each of those pages see where they went to from that page
  • The visualization lets you configure how many details and how many steps you want to see per interaction
  • Explore traffic through a certain page and get details how they got to that page and where they went afterwards
  • Discover the path for page URLs and page titles
  • Apply segments to dice your analytics reports exactly how you need it
  • Adds several new Users Flow widgets that you can add to your dashboards
  • Quickly see the top paths across all interactions with the "Top Paths" widget or get a quick overview with the "Overview" widget
  • View how your visitors navigate through your website on the go with the Piwik Mobile app for iOS and Android

Export & API features

Other features

  • Does not slow down tracking time
  • 100% data ownership
  • No data limit
  • UsersFlow is translated into the following languages:
    • English
    • German (Deutsch)
    • French on request

This plugin is compatible with Piwik 3 (see requirements below for more details).

The Users Flow User Guide and the Users Flow FAQ cover how to get the most out of this plugin.

For any other question feel free to contact us.

  • Visualization

  • Interaction Menu

  • Interaction Details

  • Top Paths

  • Overview

  • Page Titles

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