Media Analytics

Grow your business with advanced video & audio analytics. Get powerful insights into how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio.

A/B Testing

Increase revenue and conversions by comparing different versions of your websites or apps & detect the winning variation that will grow your business!

Activity Log

Gives you a detailed audit log of user activities happening in your Piwik Analytics for better security and problem diagnostic.


Identify and understand where your visitors drop off to increase your conversions, sales and revenue with your existing traffic.

White Label

Give your clients access to their analytics reports where all Piwik-branded widgets are removed.

Users Flow

Users Flow is a visual representation of the most popular paths your users take through your website or app.

Roll-Up Reporting

Aggregate data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into a Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.

Force SSL

Automatically redirect all http requests to https. For security reasons it is recommended to always use Piwik Analytics over https (SSL).

Js Tracker Force Async

Forces the JavaScript Tracker to always load asynchronous when embedding the Tracking Code via HTTP API automatically in your website.

Form Analytics

Increase the conversions on your online forms by learning everything about your users behavior and their pain points on your forms.

Search Engine Keywords Performance

All keywords searched by your users on search engines are now visible into your Referrers reports! The ultimate solution to 'Keyword not defined'.

Heatmap & Session Recording

Truly understand your visitors by seeing where they click, hover, type and scroll. Replay their actions in a video and ultimately increase conversions

WooCommerce Analytics

Accurate Piwik Analytics Ecommerce tracking integration for your WooCommerce.

Login Saml

Provides SAML support for Piwik. Compatible with any Identity Provider such as OneLogin, Okta, Ping Identity, ADFS, Google, Salesforce, SharePoint.